spirit |ˈspirit|
1 the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul
2 those qualities regarded as forming the definitive or typical elements in the character of a person, nation, or group or in the thought and attitudes of a particular period
1 convey rapidly and secretly

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Your Energy is Infinite and This is Why

In Inspiration Divine, I write about how energy flows into our Universe from God and is available to power us to achieve our hopes and dreams. So when I find other authors touching on this topic, I'm encouraged that Humanity is awakening to this understanding of life:

What I'm suggesting is that everyone needs a supply of energy that is renewable, vibrant, unstressful and uplifting. Such an energy supply is within you. It's your spiritual energy, and it comes from everywhere. The universe is grounded in infinite energy—I don't think anyone would argue that—and throughout the world's wisdom traditions, sages and teachers echo the same truth: You are the universe. The mystic Persian poet Rumi puts it beautifully when he reminds us that we aren't a drop in the ocean; we are the ocean in a drop. - Deepak Chopra

I find this to be a blessed understanding of our symbiotic relationship with all forms of life including God.

The second law of thermodynamics demonstrates that energy cannot be consumed but rather only converted into another form. For example, the potential energy of gasoline isn't consumed inside your car engine but rather forces the piston which, in turn, accelerates your car along the road. The energy doesn't disappear but it is dissipated to a point where it cannot collectively perform any useful work. In science, this is referred to as entropy and our entire Universe operates accordingly. And just like your gasoline tank, the Universe in which we live should be slowing down as the energy that propels its expansion dissipates. In short, we should be observing the de-acceleration of our Universe's expansion.

But that isn't what we're observing. On the contrary, several million years ago our Universe actually reversed its de-acceleration and started accelerating. But that doesn't jive with the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In a closed system, the expansive energy should dissipate as entropy increases. In layman's terms, as this energy fuels the expansion of our Universe, it is dissipated and thus would be unavailable to perform any useful work. Thus our Universe's expansion should be either constant or decreasing. But paradoxically it is increasing.

It isn't that the Second Law is invalid but rather that our Universe isn't a closed system. God isn't contained within our Universe and thus exists outside of our Universe. When we fulfill our purpose, God provides us with more energy to fuel the expansion of our Universe and power all life within the Universe. The energy flowing into our Universe causes our Universe to expand.

In contrast, if we were to not fulfill our purpose God wouldn't provide us with this life force energy. We can deduce from this relationship that we, as a species, are fulfilling our purpose. Otherwise our Universe wouldn't be expanding.

In Inspiration Divine, I discuss what that purpose is but irrespective of my perspective you can apply this model of the Universe, God and Humanity to your understanding. Whatever you think God calls us to do, you can correlate that 'purpose' to our symbiotic relationship to God. In fulfilling this purpose, we are living in harmony with God and thus in his grace.

The question becomes, "Are you pursuing your individual purpose or are you living off of the grace of others?"

The energy we need to be healthy, happy and enlightened is available in exchange for working for our purpose. This energy is naturally attracted to those pursuing their purpose and living in harmony. And therefor everything you need is available to you.

Thus it is high time you discovered your individual purpose and work towards achieving it. Large or small, your purpose calls you to act and achieve.