spirit |╦łspirit|
1 the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul
2 those qualities regarded as forming the definitive or typical elements in the character of a person, nation, or group or in the thought and attitudes of a particular period
1 convey rapidly and secretly

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Believing is not the Truth, but it is the path to your Truth.

If you think about it, each and every one of us is somewhere along the path of a spiritual awakening. While some sleep peacefully in slumber, others have awoke in the middle of the dream to wrestle with everything that the evolution of consciousness has to offer. And while the destination may seem far away at times, somehow you know that the truth is right in front of your eyes.

The great Indian sage Padmasambhava once said:

Confident faith allows blessings to enter you.
When you have no doubt, whatever you wish can be achieved.

Notice that he didn't say, "If you have faith, you can have whatever you desire." Padmasambhava isn't so much distinguishing that faith itself is the key to what we desire, but rather that our believing is what allows blessings to enter us. In this, we are called to pause our logical distinctions of right/wrong, correct/incorrect or even Divine/evil and instead live fully in our faith. Outside of dogma and religion, this path to the Divine invites us to connect with Spirit regardless of method, rules or scripture.

And while this may seem risky to those that believe the path to God is wrought with trappings, each and every one of us has experienced that Divine connection that is isolated in a moment of peace. In that spontaneous connection that came about through any number of circumstances, standing in that moment we felt the love of God come through and touch the very essence of our soul. As fleeting as that moment may have been, the true experience in that moment was devoid of any repeatable process. In trying to recreate and sustain this connection, our logical minds attempt to deduce the formula that lead to this beautiful moment of enlightenment. In this, we step away from Spirit and enter back into the domain of the Mind and again find ourselves wrestling with right/wrong, correct/incorrect and even Divine/evil.

For those that are asleep and those that have attained enlightenment, these are nothing more than the struggles of those that seek a Spiritual existence. Comfortably snuggled in for a long winter's nap, those that have yet to truly begin their journey cannot even begin to process these concepts for they are entirely governed by the logical ways of the Mind. Stepping outside of process, method and dogma is unconventional to those that believe the path to the Divine is structured. And for those that seek a true relationship, following those that reduce God to a rulebook of behavior is akin to the blind leading the blind.

But herein are the trappings that perpetuate our own slumber. Finding fault in the ways of others bring us no closer to a union with the Divine. Regardless of truth, those that confidently believe are truly on the path of a spiritual awakening. In this, we can see that each and every one of us are called to a direct and living relationship with God. And while our logical minds love to divide everything into buckets of right and wrong, the truth of confident faith shows us that the Buddhist, Christian and Muslim all can and do find God.

For the moment, step outside of your Mind's inclination to see this from your own beliefs. Recognize that God is regardless of what we think and thus our beliefs are simply pathways to the Divine. Devoid of a life based on judgment, we can explore this relationship through the eyes of a child. Seeking the connection, rather than the path itself, actually puts us on the path. But moving along the path brings us face to face with our true self. The difference between partially believing and confidently believing is truly what illuminates a journey filled with or without friction.

And so the true seeker comes back to the realization that their faith can be enriched anywhere. Regardless of church, mosque or sitting under the bodhi tree, those with confident faith find a connection to the Divine. And by staying in a Spiritual existence, we can continue this journey without walking away from our cultural and religious heritage. Knowing that it is the relationship rather than the process, brings you back to the pew. Your faith knows no boundaries and allows blessings to enter you because you believe rather than what you believe.

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