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Friday, October 16, 2009

On the Topic of Healing

I'm very focused on healing right now as I completely threw my back out in yoga a week ago. Isn't it ironic that the very practice that can bring one to healing is what caused my injury. Or did it?

Our modern western mindset has reduced illness and injury into an extremely myopic cause and effect framework. Everyone is up in arms about the Swine Flu and every time we hear someone coughing we're reminded that germs are all around us. So we have our first cause of illness being germs.

A germ is a pathogenic microorganism capable of causing disease. Those are some fancy words for a life form that can invade and cause disease in your Body. We defend ourselves accordingly by avoiding the germ or trying to kill it. Ranging from anti-bacterial wipes to antibiotics, we "attack" these invading organisms in an attempt to preserve our health.

In this, we envision our environment as containing germs that will invade our bodies upon coming in contact with us. But we should also turn this conceptual framework and imagine life from the germ's point of view.

As the germ, life is about finding a host to live in or facing death. Although we don't believe that germs have a consciousness, we can imagine that whatever awareness they have would be focused on survival. Like we find food for energy, the germ's existence is all about looking for energy in order to survive.

Of course, sometimes germs get it wrong and enter into a host that already has an immunity to the germ. As we are also focused on survival, we develop a resistance to germs once we have survived our first encounter with them. This model for resisting infection is the basis behind both homeopathic medicine and vaccines. The germs unknowingly enter our resistant bodies only to find antibodies ready to destroy them. Good for us, not so good for the germ.

One would think that the germs would adapt to this and avoid entering into organisms that are already equipped to defeat them. This would be akin to one animal avoiding another because of an awareness of their imminent defeat. In the wild, you only get one chance to get this equation wrong and thus we don't see a lot of experimentation going on in the survival of the fittest equation.

Thus we find through adaptation the winning combination of both characteristics and social patterns resulting in one species surviving over another. Yes, this is the foundational argument of evolution but it also smacks of a very fundamental concept of survival. The surviving life form passes on traits to their offspring through both genetics and learned behavior.

But our seemingly unconscious world of germs has only part of this equation mastered. They clearly adapt as is evident in germs becoming increasingly resistant to the drugs that we use against them. This is why we have a new flu vaccine every year and why cancer is so difficult to beat.

And thus we're back to the germ's view of life being one of seeking a host for survival and adapting to times when a choice didn't turn out too well (for the germ). In this, we have an organism that is constantly adapting and seeking energy for survival. Even when entry into the host is futile due to a built up immunity, we find that the germ blindly enters despite their imminent death.

Our Minds love this model of longevity because this is a logical battle that computes. If the Mind can find ways to build up the Body's immunity then the Body has a greater chance to survive. And so we have billions of dollars invested into pharmaceuticals as well as an insatiable craving for vitamins, supplements, healthy lifestyles and miracle cures. Admit it, you're sucking down those fish oil capsules to prevent dying from a heart attack. You're unconsciously entering into an agreement that will insure your survival. The same is the case with exercising, eating right and all the other approaches we take to increasing both the quantity of time we have left and the quality of that time.

But in our zeal for survival, we're overlooking the very elemental part of the equation that the entire survival premise is built on: energy

It is that source of energy that fuels the survival of every organism. You require a certain number of calories in order to survive (somewhere around 1,000 a day). If you couldn't obtain that many calories in your environment you would move on to somewhere that 1,000 calories was available. Such is the case with germs.

The germs that we are so desperately trying to avoid and kill are simple life forms seeking energy. And in this simple quest for survival, the more energy available the better. This quest for energy is so essential that every organism will risk death in order to survive. You can see this in the wild when an older animal has lost its ability to hunt and will enter into situations that have a low probability of success (e.g. a polar bear attacking an adult walrus).

In our lives, we are constantly taking in and expelling energy. Not only in the form of calories from food, but also in the form of energy from God.

I know, I get it. I just freaked you out. You were OK with the whole germ needing energy to survive concept but energy coming from God is another thing all together. But what about those chakra meditations? And what about acupuncture freeing meridians that are blocking chi from flowing through your Body? Is the energy in these models obtained from the calories we eat?

I'm not going to weigh in on that topic, but I will offer that I've never heard of a chakra counselor or acupuncturist telling me that I'm eating too much or not enough. And I don't think my yoga instructor that asks me to visualize a fountain of white light emanating from the top off my head is implying that last night's meal is the source of the light. The energy that we're all referring to here is a life force energy. And that life force energy flows through us and powers us to live. In order to sustain normal metabolic processes, we also need energy in the form of food but not everything within you is powered by that Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

So you're sitting at your kid's sporting event when one of the children runs up and coughs all over you and the person sitting next to you. Twenty-four hours later you've got the swine flu and the person next to you is healthy as a lark. As a species, we have yet to develop a resistance to H1N1 so neither of your bodies were prepared to defeat the virus. Why did you get sick and the person next to you didn't?

There could be a host of reasons ranging from the germs not actually entering their Body or their vitamins were better than yours. But consider the energy equation and the efficient management of that energy. If you have an excess amount of energy stored up inside you, wouldn't that be an attractive host environment for the germ? If you were the germ, given the choice between not so much energy and lots of energy...which one would you choose?

As such, we can imagine the life force energy from God entering our Bodies to power us to fulfill our purpose. The strength we need to accomplish our hopes and dreams is propelled via this powerful form of energy. This energy is transferred to us via our own Spirit and channeled into the Mind and through the Body. In this, our Body, Spirit and Mind are aligned in fulfilling our purpose and applying this energy propels us on our path.

Of course, this is how it is supposed to work. But in our unconscious lifestyle we've lost the ability to tap into our purpose. We sometimes find life to be a struggle and we can't figure out how to turn things around. And when we do, it doesn't seem to last. One problem seems to be replaced with another and we conclude that life is chaotic. Bad things happen to good people and, worse yet, good things happen to bad people. Life can sometimes seem like you're rowing a boat in a blender.

And thus all that life force energy being transferred to you for your purpose finds itself clogged up. Instead of putting that energy to work, you stuff it down inside. To survive, you unconsciously store all that energy where you think you need it the most. If you're struggling to survive, you'll stuff that energy into your base. And if you're struggling with love and relationships, you'll jam that energy into your heart.

And so that energy just sits. Energy is meant to be used and instead it is building up within you. Day after day, year after year, you're storing more energy than you need and not employing it for achieving your purpose. This is all the more difficult if you don't even know what your purpose is.

And so you re-enter the myopic Mind and live your life seeking an advantage. Vitamins, supplements, jogging, yoga, homeopathic treatments and a host of pharmaceutical concoctions designed to check you out of reality (most notably anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs). But then illness strikes and you're blindsided. Even Wayne Dyer finds himself battling cancer. And I, yours truly, find myself stricken with a lower back injury.

Keeping the concept of energy present, we can find a correlation between infection and injury. When you tear a muscle, you've put more force into the muscle than it can handle. In practice, the muscle's possible elasticity was exceeded from too much force and the muscle pulls away. And when that muscle pulls away, it brings with it everything else that it is attached to. When this happens you find yourself in a great deal of pain.

Thus the management of energy is a fundamental component of health. But not only managing the energy that is within you, but making your life a balanced program for managing the energy that comes into you as well as putting that energy to work in fulfilling your purpose. This clearly requires investment and balance.

In conclusion, try to think of healing in terms of energy management. Do you need more healing energy to come into you to heal what is broken or do you need to manage the energy that you've already got? Do you need more energy to reach your hopes and dreams or do you need to focus that energy in the right direction? And are you storing too much energy within yourself and thus making yourself a wonderful host for an invading organism?

Healing is not an instant fix nor is the management of energy any insurance against illness or even death. One cannot merely think their way to health. But by becoming conscious of the energy that is flowing through you, it is possible to better manage the very energy that fuels both your survival and purpose.

Think About It
Before you dismiss the mismanagement of energy as the root cause of illness (the favored approach of the Mind), I would like you to consider the health related problems that you're experiencing. Instead of finding blame or cause, imagine the flow of energy within you as it relates to what you're experiencing.

Remember that your Spirit is connected to God and not confined by the dimensions of time and space. Your Spirit is eloquently aware of your purpose despite your Mind's ignorance of your path. As such, your Spirit is channeling to you exactly what you need for both discovering and achieving your purpose. As this life force energy is flowing from your Spirit, into your Mind and through to your Body...what are you doing with it? Where is it going? How are you using that energy?

Within this awareness, consider your health problems. Be they mental or be they physical, how does too much or too little energy correlate to your problem?

Is it possible that your Spirit is giving you exactly what you need? But without an awareness of your purpose, are you mismanaging or not managing that energy? And how is that energy manifesting?

Becoming present to the energy in your life is the first step in turning things around. Upon understanding energy as it relates to your health, you can begin to explore better energy management and sustainability practices. Your purpose is calling to you and you've already got all the energy necessary to achieve your purpose. You just need to put God's life force energy to work as it was intended.

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