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1 the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul
2 those qualities regarded as forming the definitive or typical elements in the character of a person, nation, or group or in the thought and attitudes of a particular period
1 convey rapidly and secretly

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Learning to Listen

In this crazy world of ours, it is easy to succumb to conventional wisdom and lose sight of our belief that the world can be a better place. Everyone around you is lining up like rats in a maze to tell you that there is only one way to find your way through life. Unfortunately the end result of this mentality is nothing more than a summary of how you're not good enough.

You need more experience.
You need more education.
You need more on the job training.
You have a shortcoming that is keeping you from advancing.
You lack a critical skill that is required.

As this relates to specific and required talents, skills and knowledge for a particular job these are all fair requirements. After all, we certainly don't want air traffic controllers without training and experience guiding airplanes to their doom. But as this relates to your hopes and dreams, this is another story all together.

As we ponder our role to play in life, we come face to face with what will prevent us from achieving our hopes and dreams. All too often it is not someone else telling us that we can't achieve our goals. Rather the negative voice is our own. You tell yourself all the reasons why you can't and thus convince yourself to not even try. I get it. That's our human nature. Your Mind is thinking through all the different possibilities, requirements, risks and outcomes. That is good and I'd argue that you wouldn't want it any other way.

But that doesn't mean that you weren't destined to achieve your dream. I'm not talking about some fluffy "law of attraction" that will draw you to success because it is your destiny. And I'm not talking about the "law of abundance" that postulates that you need only ask and you shall receive. Reality dictates that life doesn't work that way and we each have practical experience demonstrating reality. You can argue for reasons why the world is one way or another, but practical reality demonstrates the way the world actually is.

If you disagree with me, then please demonstrate the law of gravity not applying. The truth of the matter is that gravity is and we cannot think, wish or even pray our way to it not being true. Whatever we think gravity to be is quickly dispelled in the real world when we experience the reality of gravity.

I'm proposing that your hopes and dreams are attainable. They are not only possible but they are actually a fundamental part of your purpose in life. We are all the same in this as we each have a purpose and are inclined to pursue and achieve it. Of course, everyone's purpose is different and that is part of the overall equation. But for the purposes of this discussion, try and accept that you have a purpose and your hopes and dreams are closely tied to that purpose.

Your purpose may not be clear to you and you may not be exactly clear on your hopes and dreams. I'm actually referring to your "Mind" in this statement and mean to say that your Mind might not have figured out this purpose or exactly the dream. Your Spirit has no such misgivings about your purpose or the dreams that will be fulfilled along the path of pursuing your purpose. Yes, your Spirit is perfectly clear about your path in life and is regularly communicating with you.

The question is, "Are you listening?"

In the movie Field of Dreams, we watch as everyday people shift from not listening to listening. In the beginning, the main character Ray hears a voice calling to him, but as the movie progresses we see others transition from not listening to listening. And in an instant those who can't hear or see, transform to both not only hear but truly understand. I'm not so much talking about seeing dead baseball players play baseball in a corn field in Iowa, as I am about shifting to hear the communications from your own Spirit.

As we see in the movie, those that don't believe are unable to hear. They can't hear the voice nor can they see the players playing baseball on the field of dreams. While others sit and enjoy the game, they look in disbelief and judge. As Ray and his daughter sit on the bleachers they're not only watching the game but they're smelling the fresh cut grass, hearing the banter of the players, tasting hot dogs and feeling the breeze cut across the field. They are completely tuned into the game and yet others around them are completely disconnected from the experience.

And while we enjoy watching them shift to be able to see everything that is around them, we find ourselves not judging or faulting them for their lack of vision. We understand that they lack the ability to transform (until they do) and, while we may pity them, we certainly don't judge them for their inability to connect.

Such is the case with your connection to Spirit. Don't assume that because you can't hear the voice of your own Spirit calling to you that it isn't there. And even if you've been dedicated to your Spiritual nature, don't fault yourself for not connecting as Ray did in Field of Dreams. Connecting to Spirit isn't something that can happen by way of effort or brute force. Those are the ways of the Mind and one can't follow a formula for connecting. For this is a shift that is simply the reality of our world.

There are certainly methods for nurturing your connection to Spirit and through this practice you will connect, you will discover your purpose and your hopes as well as dreams will manifest in your life. Learning to listen begins by recognizing that your Spirit exists and is sending you everything you need. The messages are all around you and by opening up to a Spiritual existence you will begin to experience the messages getting through.

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