spirit |ˈspirit|
1 the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul
2 those qualities regarded as forming the definitive or typical elements in the character of a person, nation, or group or in the thought and attitudes of a particular period
1 convey rapidly and secretly

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Does Evil Exist?

Any search on popular question and answer websites will reveal a regular question asking, "If God is Omnipotent then why doesn't he simply defeat evil?"

omnipotent |ämˈnipətənt|
(of a deity) having unlimited power; able to do anything.

In response, there are consistent Christian replies citing free will. The premise is that in order for there to be good, there must be evil. It is amazing how many philosophical and religious texts cite this foundation of good and evil without even giving the underlying concept any debate.

All too easy this is for the human Mind. We consider ourselves good but capable of evil. We damn those that commit atrocities as being evil. Thus we believe that as human beings we are capable of evil but with a proper diet of resistance we can avoid infection ourselves. Funny how when we are being eaten by a shark we can consider it evil but when we sit down to dinner we don't think the cow might consider us similarly evil. We justify that God provided us everything on earth for our consumption and that is why we aren't evil when we kill for nourishment.

But suppose that evil didn't exist? What if there were evil acts but the underlying framework of the cosmos being orchestrated by Satan didn't actually exist. What if Satan weren't pining for your soul? Philosophically speaking, of course, consider the world you live in to be exactly the same but without the devil and his temptations designed to lure you into his ways.

Imagine this conversation without Al Pacino actually representing the devil incarnate:

Somehow there being a "devil" and "evil" makes life a bit easier. I'm not responsible for my actions, "the devil made me do it." Upon getting into recovery, I can find God and reject the devil. It is as if we gave into temptation, but rather from a perspective that temptation itself is a tool of evil.

Those that want to believe evil exists will not turn from this understanding. But if you're able to consider a reality without actually accepting it, try considering a world where there is only you and God.

In this proposed world there is no judgment, no evil and no devil. There is only experience, learning (or not) and growth (or not). There is no Hell nor is there the promise of Heaven as a reward for not giving into evil. There is only you and God.

Remember that God is Omnipotent. If God has created a world in which there is no evil then it is entirely within his power to do so. If God loved you just as much if you were good or bad...how would you act?

What if God simply wanted you to grow? Like a child exploring a playground for the first time, what if God wanted you to learn from your mistakes and blossom from your discoveries but didn't label your failures as bad and your successes as good. Instead of scolding you for walking on the hot black pavement, what if God simply smiled down at you and said, "Yes, that is hot."

And what if nothing else changed. What if you still loved God and wanted to grow too? What if you desired to be good but didn't treat temptation and bad behavior as an infection? What if you truly learned from your experiences because you were in tune with yourself and God?

Imagine a world where there is only you and God. There is nobody else. You're free to sin or not sin without judgment. No one else will tempt you and you don't have to worry about everyone sinning at your expense (e.g. a crazed serial killer possessed by Satan). You just learn, grow, adapt and fulfill your purpose.

Without judgment or repercussions do you fall into a path of fire? Are you consumed by temptation and sin? Or do you manage just fine because, "You're actually capable of not giving into every whim that your Mind creates."

And now enter in the rest of Humanity. But instead of them being potentially infected by evil, consider them living in this same purposeful reality without evil judgment.

The fact remains that mankind often commits evil and bad acts. As such, there is no doubt that we human beings are capable of some rather horrendous atrocities. But try and let go of those being introduced by an infectious evil. They're simply the actions of disconnected, out of balance human beings. Avoid them, protect yourself from their acts but don't let them off the hook by blaming their actions of the Devil.

He, the Devil, simply doesn't exist. And you can still live in Harmony with God despite this new view.

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