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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reply to "A Letter to God (if you exist)"

DARWIN: I recently stumbled across this blog post on the Phil for Humanity blog. It struck me as indicative to the issue I believe mankind is struggling with as it relates to spirituality. Be warned, my opinions on this topic aren't mainstream. Thus if you desire to cling to your belief system as you understand it then it is probably best that you don't consume this post.

Dear God,

We haven't seen your son, Jesus, in two thousand years. Your first prophet, Moses, left us an additional few thousands years ago. Your latest prophet, Muhammad, was last seen over a millennium ago.

DARWIN: By separating ourselves from God and considering ourselves undeserving to commune with God we inadvertently cut ourselves off from God. We are so willing to accept that God spoke through Jesus and to Moses but tell ourselves that these were different times. We fool ourselves into believing that, "Jesus left this world and God doesn't talk to people like Moses anymore."

Or does He? Is God not talking or are you not listening? I'm not talking about the spiritual openness and commitment to faith that would bring God's unspoken words into our minds. I'm referring to a direct communication with God. While many envy this relationship with God it strikes me as compromising to consider direct conversation with God to be beyond this world.

What if you stopped waiting for God to speak through others and opened up your being to listening to Him today? He is speaking but you are not listening.

Sure, you probably do billions of tiny miracles each day, such as babies, helping lives, saving souls, etc, but what have you done for all of humanity lately? Do you think that we mere mortals can take care of ourselves? Just look at how we are destroying the planet. We obviously need some direct divine intervention in the near future in order to divert a global environmental catastrophe.

DARWIN: Oh, here we go again: Waiting for someone else to be in action on our behalf. We can't control ourselves. We're weak little people. We need someone else to tell us how to live our lives. We can't help from sinning.

You were born into this world with an innate sense of right and wrong. However from the day you were born you have been systematically conditioned to ignore this awareness from God and instead been taught to follow rules, ignore your awareness and conform to society's norms.

Each and everyday you are faced with choices between good and evil. And each and everyday you choose good. And each and everyday you choose evil. You know the difference but you choose to ignore your awareness. And because you ignore your awareness you assume that others (which presumably aren't as smart as you) will be helpless to do the same.

Being conscious isn't a boolean state (on or off). Consciousness is an evolutionary process whereby you become more and more aware of God. Each time you open up to hearing God's voice you become more and more conscious. If you don't believe in "God" then you can substitute a word that you're more comfortable with (e.g. try Universe).

Similarly you are not alone. You know that you are not alone in this world even though the harshness of the world bothers you. You loathe the capacity for human beings to choose evil and, while this makes you feel alone, you know that if one human being sins that we all sin. You are the saint and you are the sinner when humanity chooses good and evil.

Your evolutionary consciousness is both made possible and limited by the consciousness of humanity.

We have been killing each other in your name for as long as recorded history and probably even longer. Don't we at least deserve some recognition? How about sending down another messenger, but this time he or she could truly and peacefully unify all the world’s religions, so we can stop killing each other? Maybe if you directly interact with humanity more often, this could help too.

DARWIN: Again, you're not listening. You are God's messenger. If you think for a minute that not getting involved on a local level is any different than stopping bloodshed then you're missing the entire point of divine intervention. There is no difference. There is simply good and evil.

Those that have killed in God's name have chosen evil. It doesn't matter what side that you're on. Kill in God's name and you have killed. It is wrong. You can choose to kill anyway but don't think for a minute that killing is anything other than evil.

And while we're on the topic of killing let me introduce an even more extreme case for your consideration: Is it wrong to kill animals?

Furthermore, we are using our intelligence (that you gave us) to create a new fangled innovation that we are calling science. This science has pretty much scientifically proven evolution and that you do not exist. We definitely could use proof that you exist, so we do not lose more followers to atheism. Oh yes, this proof needs to be able to withstand scientific scrutiny for all of time too, because blind faith is no longer logical with science and reason.

DARWIN: Evolution doesn't disprove the existence of God. The only thing evolution disproves is our story about God. Why can't man accept that God has a plan that is beyond our comprehension?

Why can't God have created the Universe in an instant (e.g. big bang as we call it) and intend for human beings to evolve? Yes, I know "for the Bible tells me so" but would every Christian on the planet abandon Christ if they found out that the Bible was wrong? Is your faith tied to God or the story about God?

It is your responsibility as the parent of humanity to ensure our well being. At least until we are well grown up and we are able to take care of ourselves, otherwise what type of parent would you be?

DARWIN: Yes, you are absolutely correct. But before we absolve ourselves of responsibility let's consider a different God paradigm. When we separate ourselves from God and consider Him a remote entity that communicates through others (e.g. Jesus, Moses, Mother Teresa, your local Priest, etc.) we disconnect ourselves from God.

When we consider God part of us and open to hearing God speak to us then we enjoy a more accountable and responsible relationship with God. If God is part of you and you are part of God (please note this does not imply that you are God) then you must take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Your role in humanity becomes much more present.

Making a difference, being the catalyst for change and taking action are all your responsibility and they are God's responsibility. You are not an innocent bystander in this thing called life. You are the messenger.

If you do not, faith in you could be damned. Humanity could be damned too.

Sincerely yours,

Phil B.

DARWIN: If God is omnipresent and this life is but one phase in our relationship with God then why would God share our temporal intensity for making things right? Similarly if there is a Heaven then why would God get all fired up about who dies and who lives?

God and the Universe has been around for billions of years. Our presence in the cosmic timeline is but a blip on His radar. And with so many disconnected and unconscious souls waiting for God to make things right it is no wonder His message for us isn't being heard.

Begin anew by calming the mind to God's message. Open up your entire being to listen and put yourself into motion when the message comes. Make a difference and encourage others to do the same. If enough of us become conscious the flash point of consciousness will overtake humanity and letters like this will be but historical references to our past.

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